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Organizing Your Online Life The Benefits of Digital Decluttering

Organizing Your Online Life The Benefits of Digital Decluttering

Organizing Your Online Life Do you remember life before the Internet, monitors, and displays relentlessly attacked your senses?

For those of us who do, one of the biggest differences between then and now can be seen in our relationships. When fewer things were fighting for our attention, it was easier to maintain our focus on our relationships.

That doesn’t happen as much these days. Coincidentally, some studies tell us that maintaining healthy virtual relationships is much more difficult than when you can interact with a person in the real world. Aside from improved relationships, here are some other significant benefits of clearing the clutter from your digital experience.

More Free Time

Imagine your phone or computer is so full of digital clutter that it slows down. You might not have to imagine this. It may be a part of your current reality. This means doing anything on your phone or laptop takes you longer. The same is true with all of your digital devices.

Clearing the clutter that slows your digital experience leads to more free time. It is not an exaggeration to say that time is your most precious commodity. More free time can lead to a better quality of life because you can focus on the important things.

Less Time Connected

Chronic Internet usage is linked to stress and anxiety. People who spend a significant amount of time connected to the World Wide Web have more relationship problems than those who do not. Staying plugged in and turned on is usually a very sedentary experience. That means the less time you stay connected to the Internet, the better chance you have at physical and emotional health and wellness.

A Faster, More Efficient, and Productive You

Physical and digital clutter kills productivity. It poses mental and physical health hazards. You can’t be as efficient when waiting for slow devices to take you where you want to go. The first noticeable benefits of digital decluttering are more productivity and quicker digital devices.

Less Health-Robbing Stress

Stress is directly related to the six leading causes of death around the world. Let that sink in. You may believe the stress you experience when you have is simply mental. You will get over it. Unfortunately, stress doesn’t exist as an island in either a physical or mental form.

Stress affects every aspect of your health. Mental stress can lead to physical health problems because of a disturbance in hormonal and chemical balances. Digital clutter is a very effective stress booster. Clear up the clutter, and your physical and mental states will benefit.

A Fatter Bank Account

Digital clutter means slower, less efficient devices. Over time, that clutter can damage a consumer electronics device to the point where it needs to be replaced. Keep your devices clear of clutter, and you won’t have to replace them as frequently. You also won’t have to spend money paying technicians to repair damage done by digital clutter.

These are just a few benefits of organizing and cleaning your digital devices. Your overall reward is a better experience. Take some time to declutter your digital life. You will enjoy more valuable free time, better overall physical and mental health, and more money in your pocketbook.

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