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50,000 Muslims killed in two days

50,000 Muslims killed in two days

It happened twenty eight years ago in August 1995 Muslims killed

All the men were ordered to gather in one place. The soldiers spread out in every corner of the city. Breastfeeding babies were taken from their mothers’ laps. Men and boys leaving the city on buses were forced off. Elderly people were not spared, throwing sticks and coughing. All men were gathered and driven out of the city towards a field.

There were thousands of people. Women were driving. It was rumbling. Announcements were being made here:
“Don’t worry, nothing will be said to anyone. Anyone who wants to leave the city will be allowed to leave safely.”

The wailing women looked pleadingly at the UN troops who had claimed that the city was in safe hands, but they were all standing by as spectators.

Human heads could be seen everywhere in a vast field outside the city. Bend your head on your knees and put your hands on the ground. What seemed to be a huge herd of sheep at that time. The arena was filled with more than ten thousand people.

A voice from one side fired.

The sounds of hundreds of guns echoed simultaneously, but the human screams were so loud in comparison that thousands of The crackle of raining bullets was also suppressed. There was a resurrection that took place. The mothers’ laps were empty. Wives were seeing the crowns of their heads dying in front of their eyes. She was becoming a widow. They were screaming and crying. In the field covering hundreds of acres, there was nothing to be seen but blood, rags of bodies and half-dead moaning human beings. Satan’s bloody dance was on and humanity was dying.

The only fault of these silent beings was that these speakers were Muslims. On that day, eighty-year-olds saw the dead bodies of their sons and innocent grandsons dying in front of their eyes. There were many. Whose souls flew away due to grief.

When this bloody dance of Satan stopped, machines were ordered to dispose of thousands of dead bodies. Big pits were dug and 5500, 1000 bodies were thrown into a single pit and filled with soil. It was not even seen that in this pile of dead bodies, there were some half-dead sobbing and some living people who survived the firing.

There were so many bodies that the machines fell short. Countless corpses were left open like this and then turned towards the Muslim women covered with grief who were crying hugging each other’s feet across the field. That naked dance of humanity began that even the beasts could see. If they took it, they would be watered down with shame.

Women who fainted from grief were also raped. Even after quenching the hunger for blood and sex, China did not come. For the next several weeks, a death watch hung over the entire city. Thousands of people were chased out of UN sheltered camps and shot dead. In just two days, fifty thousand unwashed Muslims were turned from living beings into dead bodies.

It was the worst genocide in history. This story of brutality is not hundreds of thousands of years old, nor is it related to barbaric tribes or the age of ignorance. It was 1995 when the world was sitting on a self-made civilized place. This place was not a backward African country, but the modern European town of Srebrenica. This incident took place right in front of the so-called peacekeeping forces of the United Nations, but in their support.

If you think this is an exaggeration, read once the statement of the former Secretary General of the United Nations, Kofi Annan, on the Srebrenica incident, who said that this massacre will forever remain as a stigma on the face of the United Nations.

Bosnian Muslims after the breakup of Yugoslavia in the 1990s
announced the establishment of a separate country through a referendum. Bosnia and Herzegovina was a state of Muslim majority who converted to Islam during the Ottoman rule and settled here for centuries. But the Serbs living here were not happy with a separate state. They revolted with the help of Serbian forces. Meanwhile, the Bosnian city of Srebrenica was besieged by Serb forces. This siege continued for many years.

With the deployment of UN peacekeeping forces, it was formally announced that the area is now safe. But this announcement turned out to be just a hoax. A few days later, Serb forces under the leadership of General Mladic captured the city and began a series of inhumane massacres of Muslims that would go down in history. Still ashamed. Meanwhile, NATO forces maintained a criminal silence. Because the matter was about Muslims.

From August 1995 to August 2023, twenty eight years have passed.

Even today the civilized world is unable to wash away this stain. This is the only event in human history in which the burial of the dead continues to this day. Even today, in the surroundings of Srebrenica, the rotten bones of some human being are found, and the local people are seen burying them.

Standing in a row in a row
The stones are a sign that people are buried here who have no other identity than that they were Muslims.

Although later the world recognized the negligence of the United Nations and the criminal role of NATO in this genocide of Bosnian Muslims by the Serb forces. The case went on and apologies were also sought. But alas, the regret of this regret Now this incident is slowly fading from memory. The world remembers the Great War, the Cold War and Hitler’s crimes against the Jews. But the massacre of Muslims is not remembered.

How many of us know that such an event even happened?
The killing of fifty thousand men and children should be so easily forgotten? This is the bloody history that we will have to show the world again and again.
Just as 9/11 and other events are being played out in a circle. Of course we have to keep reminding ourselves. To the so-called civilized societies
They have to keep showing their real face.

You must send flowers to your friends daily, but must send such writings that increase our faith and actions. Request to send them to ten friends.
Last thing
Another great lesson for us in this incident is that never rely on others for your protection and fight your battles with your own strength.

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